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October 18, 2007

Cowley’s Computer Hardware/Software class continues to grow


computer classOffering its Computer Hardware/Software program online for the first time, Cowley College has seen enrollment in the program more than double.

The program is a 6 credit hour semester course. Students in the class receive a computer of their own that they put together and work on. The computer is theirs to keep once they have completed the course. They receive a copy of Linspire (a Linux based operating system) and an evaluation copy of Windows XP Professional. Students are prepared to take industry certification following completion of the course. 

The computer the students receive consists of an Intel based motherboard with a 3.4Ghz processor and 512 DDR2 RAM,  a CD/DVD burner, and 80 GB SATA hard drive.

The class meets in person once a month. Eddy McHargue, Cowley College computer technician and instructor of the course, said students in the class will be able to save money and aggravation by learning how to work on their own home computer.

“At the end of the course students have the knowledge to work on computers, both hardware and software wise and take the industry certification,” McHargue said. “They also have something to show for completing the course by having a computer to keep.”

Those interested in finding out more information about the program should contact Beverly Grunder, Cowley College Department Chair of the Business, Computer and Information Technology Department, at (620) 441-5267.