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October 24, 2007

Cowley promotes Mechatronics program at Wichita Industrial Tradeshow


TradeshowCowley College had an opportunity to show off its Mechatronics program at the Wichita Industrial Tradeshow held Oct. 16-18 at Century II.

Cowley’s Career and Technical Education Department had a booth at the tradeshow to promote the Mechatronics program. Cowley Mechatronics instructor Chris Cosby helped work the booth and promote the program to vendors that sell complex, technologically advanced manufacturing equipment.

“The people that sell and service these highly automated machines are looking for technicians that can maintain and fix them when they are down,” Brett Butler, instructor in the Career and Technical Education Department said.

The primary focus of the Wichita Industrial Tradeshow was for people that make any type of equipment for manufacturing. There were also people that sell that equipment and vendors there that use that equipment and have products for sale.

“It’s a wide arrangement of anybody in manufacturing, from a supplier to a manufacturer,” Butler said. “There were even companies with human resource representatives there trying to attract employees.”

Butler thought having a presence at the tradeshow was beneficial.

“We promoted Cowley in general and made business and industry contacts,” Butler said. “A lot of people that were there have kids that are looking for colleges, so we brought back some admission forms to the admissions office.”

Cowley also took more than 40 students from its Welding, Mechatronics, and Machine Tool programs to tour the tradeshow.

“They had an opportunity to see the newest equipment available, live on display and operating,” Butler said. “It was a good well-rounded visit for them.”