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November 2, 2007

Student’s display creativity during third annual talent show


Talent showTyger Tawk and Creative Claws sponsored their third annual talent show Thursday night in the Robert Brown Theatre. There were 11 contestants and well over one hundred people in attendance.

Tom Mason and Marlys Cervantes, sponsors for the two clubs, want to thank everyone who helped make the evening a success.

The band “Unheard Apology”, which features two current Cowley College students (Jondalar Pike and Justin Hiltzman) and two former students (Kris Ripley and Chris Edwards) performed three songs at the conclusion of the talent acts. Along with graduating from Cowley, Ripley is employed at the school as a graphic designer.

Winners for the evening were:

Cultural Representation
First Place: Janee Gabbard — Fancy Shawl Dancing Second Place: Daniel Maina — African Storytelling Original Works First Place: Temporal Mechanics Union Second Place: Travis Truax Solos First Place: Rachele Bloyer Second Place: Kathy Moon