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November 20, 2007

Turkey bowling raises money for journalism club


Turkey BowlThe turkeys flew and the pins fell last night during turkey bowling at the recreation building. Cowley teams tossed frozen turkeys down the lanes blasting pins and eliciting screams of encouragement and excitement.

Sophomore John David McDonald had an incredible run of four strikes in a row and a score of 116 at the end of five frames. McDonald and his team rushed to victory with a combined score of 239 points for the evening. McDonald’s team was comprised of sophomore Paul Paxson, son of a student Zach Klick, freshman Meghan Wiebe and sophomore Sarah Davidson “It was a lot of fun and good exercise,” said admissions secretary, Terri Hutchinson. “All the teams were competitive and that made it really fun.”

Hutchinson’s team was made up of admissions representative Shayla McDonald, who led the league in spares, Julie Thimesch part-time admissions specialist, who brought along family support; part time scholarship coordinator Lisa Grose, whose son, Adam, demonstrated his turkey tossing talents; sophomore Tiffany Glenn and freshman Tommy Govert. Team Hutchinson racked up a whopping 217 points.

The Cowley Press managing editor and talent show extrodinaire, Alex Skov, rocked the house in spares with his team of Skov-ilicious keglers (another term for bowler). Skov’s team consisted of fellow staffer and sports editor, sophomore Jacob Earls, freshman Matt Nelson, ringer Matt Potter, freshman Sierra Keplar and score keeper and cheerleader sophmore Andrea Paddock.

The frozen turkeys were donated by the Arkansas City Country Mart and Todd Shepherd, chair of the social science department donated the straw bales for the back stops on each alley. Turkey bowling was to help raise funds for the journalism club’s trip to Paris, France in the spring.