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November 26, 2007

Cowley instructor to serve as presenter at conference in New York


Kay KautzKay Kautz, an instructor in Cowley College’s north campuses social science department, was recently selected to present research from her dissertation at the 2008 AERA Annual Meeting and Exhibition held March 24-28 in New York.

Kautz’s submitted her proposal entitled “A Grid and Group Explanation of Educational Assumptions Among International Students and Professors” for review. Her proposal was selected out of more than 12,000 proposals.

“This is a comparison case study of past and present educational experiences of international students (from interviews), plus an analysis of their cultural types, as compared to their professors (from a survey),” Kautz said. “Four categories of cultural types for people and institutions, according to Douglas' (1982) grid and group typology, are individualistic, collective, corporate, and bureaucratic. For support of the participant's cultural types, I applied Billings (1987) expressive (fine arts) preferences. The final part contains ideal educational settings suggested by students and professors.”