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March 10, 2009

Cowley students earn awards at Phi Theta Kappa Kansas Regional Convention


PTK Regional ConventionAttending the Phi Theta Kappa Kansas Regional Convention held Friday through Sunday at the Clarion Hotel in Wichita, several Cowley College students took home Regional Awards.

Cowley College PTK students, Emily Crain and Tina Wohlford, received a plaque for winning the Service Hallmark Award. Crain and Wohlford presented “Tons of Fun”, which covered the electronic recycling project they have been working on.

While, Irona Cliver from the Mulvane campus, ran for the Regional Alumni Officer position and won.

Cowley students attending the conference were, Emily Crain, Candice Bliss, Judith Marks, Phuong Huynh, Keoki Waipa, Stacey Storck, Tina Wohlford, Crystal McGuire, Whitney Hall, Irona Cliver, and Breauna Cunningham. The students were joined by Phi Theta Kappa co-sponsors Nancy Ayers and Melinda Neal.

“I would like to commend the students and the faculty members, Melinda Neal and Nancy Ayers, for the fine dedication to learning, leadership and academia,” Cowley College vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths said. “We are all honored to have them at the college.”

The first general session keynote speaker was Greensburg Superintendent Darin Headrick, who is working on the construction of the first LEED platinum k-12 school in Kansas. 

The second general session keynote speaker was Gerald Coury, who spoke on Ethics for college students. Coury’s emphasis is on helping others be successful as they build good character in their lives. He has worked with numerous organizations throughout the United States and around the world. 

The third general session keynote speaker was Dr. Ben Cranor. His presentation was on leadership. Cranor has been a leader and preparer of leaders for over three decades, and is an assistant professor at Texas A&M University in Commerce. 

General session four keynote speaker was Rex and Lisa Ingelese from the Home and Garden Channel. They showed pictures of their home that was featured on HGTV the series “Beyond the Box” in 2008. Their home was constructed with a conscious appreciation of natural and repurposed materials.

There were also several small breakout sessions and social events as well.  Along with a Casino night, a Comedy group performed on Friday. The awards banquet and dance were held on Saturday night.

Members of Cowley College’s Phi Theta Kappa organization will attend the Phi Theta Kappa International Conference in Grapevine Texas on April 16-April 19.

Here is a list of Regional Awards members of Cowley College’s PTK organization won at the PTK Kansas Regional Convention:

  • Service Hallmark Award – Top three of  Kansas region.
  • Certificate of appreciation for contribution in hosting the 2009 Kansas Region Convention
  • Certificate of appreciation for providing a Breakout Session during the 2009 Kansas Regional Convention
  • Certificate for Five Star Chapter
  • Most Improved Chapter in the Kansas Region – Honorable Mention •Paragon Award  Advisors – Melinda Neal
  • Paragon Award for New Advisors – Nancy Ayers – Honorable Mention
  • Kansas Region Horizon Award for New Advisors– Nancy Ayers
  • Distinguished Member Award – Jessie Zimmerman – Honorable Mention •Distinguished Chapter Officer Award – Tina Wohlford – Distinguished Recognition
  • Distinguished Chapter President Award – Keoki Waipa – Honorable Mention
  • Kansas Region Achievement in Art Award – Tina Wohlford – Distinguished Recognition
  • Kansas Region Achievement in Art Award – Cori Brooks – Outstanding Award Winner
  • Kansas Region Achievement in Literature Award – Rebecca Johnson – Honorable Mention
  • Kansas Region Achievement in Literature Award – Michelle Vishnefske – Distinguished Recognition
  • Regional Alumni officer - Irona Cliver