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March 31, 2009

Second annual Cowley SMOKE OUT to take place April 22


The PAWS club at Cowley College is sponsoring its second annual Cowley SMOKE OUT day on April 22.

Instead of Kick Butts Day, this years event is called  “Kick Ash Bash.”  

The concept is the same, smokers and tobacco chewers can sign up to pledge to try to kick the habit for a day on the 22nd. PAWS will provide a QUIT KIT for everyone who signs up.

The week of the 22nd, Cowley College will be promoting the day with posters and other literature. On the actual day, the college will have games going on in the McAtee Dining Center, with t-shirts and other prizes awarded to the winners. Cowley College staff and faculty are invited to take part in the event.

Contests are:
•1. Grab a Butt contest (contestants will be timed to see how many cigarette butts they can pick up).
•2.  Pick a Butt contest (contestants will guess how many butts are in a jar).
•3.  Give Tobacco the Boot (contestants will guess what object they think is in the “boot” on display).
•4.  Pin the Tail on the Ash (self explanatory).

There will be “cold turkey” sandwiches and other kick ash menu items served for lunch.