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April 6, 2009

Wichita student accepts Drama Scholarship from Cowley


Jessica Hayden, Scott MacLaughlin, and Chestine HaydenHaving gained experience acting and working behind the scenes on numerous Wichita South High School theatre productions, Jessica Hayden recently accepted a Drama Scholarship from Cowley College.

The talented senior has performed in several children’s shows and wanted to come to Cowley because of the school’s reputation of having one of the top Theatre Department’s in the state of Kansas.

“I wanted to get on board with what they have going on,” Hayden said.

Hayden plans to join the college’s Act One Drama Club and perform in the Theatre productions.
Theatre director Scott MacLaughlin is anxious to work with Hayden.

“Jessica has a bright, fun personality and we are really looking forward to having her next year,” said MacLaughlin.

Pictured, from left, Jessica Hayden, Scott MacLaughlin, and Hayden's mother, Chestine Hayden.