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April 10, 2009

Cowley College offering Educator Appreciation Scholarship Program


Cowley College is offering to all of its adjunct faculty, part-time employees, and faculty and staff from all elementary and secondary schools within Cowley and Sumner Counties, the opportunity to receive a tuition scholarship for one 3-credit hour class during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Cowley College wants to acknowledge and show appreciation for the fine work local educators do for students by offering this scholarship.

“This is our way to give back to the local educators,” said Cowley College director of academic enrichment Janice Stover. “We applaud all of our part-time employees and adjunct instructors and all of the others in our service area who educate students and help to shape the future.”

The scholarship has the following guidelines:

  • Can be utilized in the Fall, Spring or Summer Semester sessions, effective Summer 2009
  • Valid only to Cowley adjunct instructors or school employees (not family members)
  • Valid for use by adjunct instructors in their current semester of teaching or the semester following their teaching assignment
  • Valid to school employees or Cowley part-time employees only during the time of their employment with their institution.
  • One scholarship permitted per person per semester (Cannot be combined with other Cowley Scholarships)
  • Covers tuition only for up to 3 credits (All student fees, course fees, and textbook costs are the responsibility of the student.)

To participate in the program, please select the application form from the Educator Appreciation Program link located at