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April 16, 2009

Cowley paramedic students receive update from medical director in Iraq


Dr. Roy DanksConversing with their medical director is an exciting experience for paramedic students. This is especially true when he is half a world away.

Dr. Roy Danks, Associate Medical Director of Cowley College’s paramedic program, was deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army 10th Combat Support Hospital as a burn/trauma surgeon in support of the global war on terror. Fans of the television series “Baghdad ER” would recognize Dr. Danks’ surroundings, as he operated in the same facility featured on the show. Last week he joined Cowley paramedic students in Winfield for a question and answer session via an online video conference call.

Dr. Danks discussed several topics raised by the students. He talked about things ranging from “What’s a typical day in Iraq like?” to “What changes in prehosptial care will come out of the war?” Dr. Danks shared details on several research projects being done in theater that will have a large positive impact on civilian EMS.  

Talking with the paramedic students was one of the final tasks Dr. Danks did while deployed. Three days after his virtual meeting with the students he started his long trip home to Kansas.