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April 21, 2009

Board approves lease agreement with Builders, Inc.


Planning to open a new location on the west side of Wichita, Cowley College’s Board of Trustees approved a three-year lease agreement with Builders, Inc. for the property located at 8821 West 21st Street, Suite 400, during the regular monthly meeting Monday night in the McAtee Dining Center. The building, which is 3,000 square feet, is on the southwest corner of Tyler and 21st Street.

The facility will be called the Cowley College WestSide Center and will have two employees on hand to help students enroll for online courses and provide financial aid information and information about courses offered at the Cowley College campuses. They will also conduct Asset Testing and provide future instruction based upon what the need in a certain area may be.

With the planned opening of its WestSide Center on June 1, Cowley College will have two locations in Wichita, two in Mulvane, and two in Winfield to go along with its main campus in Arkansas City.

In other matters, the Board:

  1. Saw Cowley President Dr. Pat McAtee present a gift to Elizabeth Smith and Darci Mann for being named March and April Students of the Month.
  2. Announced Seward County will host the Annual Summer KACCT/COP Retreat on June 19-20.
  3. Meg Smith, director of journalism, Ashlee L’Homme, Brandi Berntsen, Meghan Wiebe, and Richard Gould, students of the Media Club, provided the board with an overview of their trip to New York City during Spring Break.
  4. Approved a 4.8 percent increase in dorm charges for 2009-2010. The 14 meals per week plan will be $4,275 and the 19 meals per week plan is $4,375. This represents a $75 or 1.8 percent increase for the 14 meal plan and $75 or 1.7 percent increase for the 19 meal plan and will be necessary to cover the price increase from Great Western Dining and the amount of debt reduction payments scheduled for the coming year.
  5. Approved the following new courses: Introduction to Cinema; Diversity Issues in Leadership; Motorcycle Safety. Approved the new Anthropology Degree.
  6. Viewed a summer enrollment report that indicates as of April 13, full-time equivalency was 356, which is up from 301 as of this time last year. The fall enrollment report indicates as of April 13, full-time equivalency was 492, which is slightly down from this time last year.
  7. Accepted a letter of retirement from Bruce Crouse as executive director of Business and Industry, effective July 1, 2009; accepted a letter of resignation from Sandy Randel as director of Career and Technical Education and Workforce Development, effective May 11, 2009; accepted a letter of resignation from Kenneth J. Turner II as assistant men’s basketball coach, effective March 31.
  8. Approved the employment of Tommy DeSalme as head men’s basketball coach, effective March 9; approved the employment of Joshua Berry as assistant men’s basketball coach, effective March 17; approved the employment of Donnie Jackson as assistant men’s basketball coach, effective March 17.
  9. Board Chair Donna Avery was absent.
  10. Held two 10-minute executive sessions for preliminary discussions relating to property acquisition, personnel matters of non-elected personnel, professional negotiations, and consultation with the governing body’s attorney.