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April 24, 2009

Boomer Saia named Cowley’s Mr. CinderFella


With Dejon Ewing directing her final Mr. Cinderfella Pageant Thursday in the Robert Brown Theatre, Boomer Saia took home the coveted title.
Saia impressed the five judges in all three categories, which included beachwear, talent, and eveningwear.
“He was strong in all three categories,” said Ewing. “The top-three were all very close.”
Along with being named Mr. CinderFella, Saia also was named the winner of the talent category. Robert Young was the eveningwear winner, while Mitch Hoover was the beach winner.
Willy Lucero finished as the first runner-up, while Thomas Govert was the second runner-up for the second consecutive year. Young and Hoover finished third and fourth, respectively.
Ewing, who started the Mr. Cinderfella Pageant 21 years ago, did not really get emotional about it being her final time in charge of the event until she saw the previous winners and participants of the event, which had returned for a reunion.
“I am so proud of everyone that has had a part of the event,” Ewing said. “It was bittersweet, I have so many great memories.”
Saia enjoyed the experience of being a contestant in the Mr. Cinderfella Pageant.
“I had an absolute blast,” Saia said. “Regardless of whether I won or not, it was a lot of fun. I am glad I got to take part in it while Dejon was still here and am honored to be Mr. Cinderfella.”
The money raised from the event goes towards fund-raisers for Cowley College’s Act One and funds for next year’s Mr. CinderFella Pageant. Mathew Slovacek, who won last year’s Mr. CinderFella title was on hand for the event.
Keeping with the tradition of Miss Kansas serving as emcee, Emily Deaver led the contestants through the evening.
The contestants were: Justin Cacaro, Manuel DeLoera, Michael Flanagin, Thomas Govert, Clinton Haas, Mitch Hoover, Bert Hutson, James Kaiser, Gavin Kreidler, Willy Lucero, Jeremy Norris, Raymond Quill, Boomer Saia, James Wearing, and Robert Young.
Other winners were:
* Best eyes — Jeremy Norris
* Wanna Take Him Home — Justin Cacaro
*Best Smile — James Wearing
*Mr. Personality — Michael Flanagin