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May 28, 2009

Cowley College and Southwestern College strengthen partnership


Karen Pedersen, Slade Griffiths,  Julie Rhoads, Bev Grunder, and Mary BullaCowley County Community College and the Southwestern College Professional Studies have a longstanding working relationship.

They are now proactively moving their partnership to the next level by agreeing to provide seamless educational opportunities for current and potential transfer students looking to acquire a bachelor’s degree in elementary and early childhood education, business, criminal justice and security management.

Slade Griffiths, vice president of academic affairs at Cowley College, and Karen Pedersen, vice president of Southwestern College Professional Studies, officially confirmed the agreement at a lunch signing Thursday at The Ridge restaurant in Winfield.

“This meets the needs of the students and both schools, every one benefits from this,” Griffiths said.

According to the 2 + 2 agreement between Southwestern College Professional Studies and Cowley College, all course work presented by students who have attended Cowley College will transfer to Professional Studies, with the exception of varsity athletics or courses identified by the first institution as developmental/remedial. A maximum of 64 hours earned at two-year colleges will apply to the Southwestern College bachelor’s degree. Students transferring with an associate’s degree from Cowley College will not be required to take any further general education course work if they have already completed English composition I and II as well as a college level math course. Students will be required to complete course work only in their chosen major plus any additional course work needed to reach a minimum of 60 hours of upper division course work. Students must have a minimum of 124 credit hours to graduate from Southwestern College.

“It is important for us to provide pathways for the students to obtain an associate degree and then take the next step of obtaining a bachelor’s degree,” Pedersen said. “This really zeroes in for the students to have the seamlessness to continue on for a bachelor’s degree.”

Cowley College students may apply to Southwestern College Professional Studies’ program with as few as 30 semester hours of credit. Although programs only require a minimum of 30 earned hours before entrance, it is preferable that Cowley students enter with an associate degree from Cowley College. The Cowley College general education coursework completes the Southwestern College general education program requirements for Professional Studies learners.

Bev Grunder, Business, Computer, and Information Technology Chair at Cowley College, and Julie Rhoads, elementary education instructor, helped make the agreement a reality.

“I would like to recognize the outstanding work done by both Bev Grunder and Julie Rhoads,” Griffiths said.
Both Pedersen and Griffiths agreed that the schools hope to have additional partnerships in the future.

“This is just the beginning of a long and healthy relationship,” Griffiths said.

For more information, contact Bev Grunder at 620.441.5267, or Mary Bulla, Southwestern College director of organizational partnerships, (888) 684-5335, ext. 117.

Pictured are, front row, from left, Karen Pedersen and Slade Griffiths. And, back row, from left, Julie Rhoads, Bev Grunder, and Mary Bulla.