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June 30, 2009

Registration under way for Motorcycle Safety Class


Anyone whose daydreams include cruising down the highway on a motorcycle with "Born to Be Wild" blaring in the background can realize their fantasies with Cowley College’s Motorcycle Safety Class.

The curriculum at Cowley College will primarily consist of two courses established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, one for beginning students and another experienced riders.

The three-day beginner’s course will include eight hours of classroom time to teach basic safety and operational procedures, including the effects of alcohol and drugs on a person's ability to ride a motorcycle.

The beginner’s course will include 12 hours of "range time," when students will practice motorcycle riding skills, such as turning, shifting and stopping, on a closed course.

The school has a fleet of motorcycles for beginning students to ride during range time.

Students who successfully complete the beginner’s course will earn a Kansas Completion Certificate, which can often serve as a substitute for motorcycle driver's license testing requirements.

The five-hour course for experienced riders does not include classroom time. This course was designed for riders who had taken a hiatus from their bikes and may want to "brush up" on basic skills and learn advanced techniques such as emergency braking, swerving and traction management.

The advanced course also includes instruction on motorcycle inspection and maintenance.

A valid motorcycle driver's license and a motorcycle are required for students in the experienced course.
The College’s instructors are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to teach motorcycle safety. The instructors are also certified with the State of Kansas.

Registration is under way and will run through the end of the riding season in October.

For more information about the courses, requirements and cost, call Cowley College at (620) 441-5594.

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