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August 18, 2008

Cowley College's Mulvane campus sees boost in enrollment


With enrollment up at Cowley College campuses, the school’s Mulvane Center has seen the most dramatic growth as the facility has nearly doubled its number of students from a year ago.

Just over 200 students attended the Mulvane Center during the 2007-08 academic year. However, that number could double prior to classes beginning on Thursday. As of Aug. 17, full-time equivalency at the Mulvane Center was 368.

Cynthia Jones, Mulvane Center Coordinator, is happy with the way things are going for Cowley College in Mulvane.

“My goal was to at least get the same enrollment as last year and hopefully more,” Jones said. “I am a little overwhelmed by the numbers.”

After spending eight years as an adjunct instructor at Cowley College, Jones moved into her new role at the end of May. Since beginning work in Mulvane, Jones has been busy getting the word out about the college.

“It has been like getting on a fast train headed for somewhere exciting,” Jones said.

Jones said for the first time the Mulvane Center will be starting up different clubs and organizations for the students to join.

“We hope this benefits us and the community,” Jones said. “We also hope to have the students do some community service type things.”

With Cowley College deciding to offer only online hybrid classes at the Southside Education Center in Wichita, some students appear to have made their way to the school’s Mulvane Center.

“People coming down from the Southside Center have helped it grow,” Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee said. “The decision facing the college is how we want to expand in Mulvane and how to be responsive to the market that is there.”

Jones says students at the Mulvane Center like what Cowley has to offer them.

“They love the small class sizes and the one on one attention,” Jones said. “When students come talk to us they will find out we want to see them succeed.”

The Mulvane Center offers a wide range of classes, including Allied Health EMT, CNA, and CMA; and WSU elementary education program.

To find out more information on how to enroll at the Mulvane Center, contact (316) 777-3050.