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September 12, 2008

Cowley students building a racecar


Cowley College welding and automotive students are busy constructing an IMCA modified style racecar.

Second-year students at Cowley’s Career and Technical Education Center in Mulvane have been busy doing all the fabrication and welding on the racecar. The car will then head to the Arkansas City campus where Cowley automotive students will put in the motor and drive train.

Ricky Squires, welding instructor at the Mulvane Campus, hopes to have the racecar ready to show in the Arkalalah Parade near the end of October.
“This gives the students an opportunity to actually build something and get experience that they can use in the work field,” Squires said.

Kice Industry donated all of the pipe used on the project, while Wellington’s Clark Manufacturing donated the sheet metal.

“Those businesses were great,” Squires said. “It was wonderful of them to do that.”

Once the engine and drive train have been installed, the car will then head back to Mulvane to have vinyl graphics put on the outside of the vehicle. The vinyl graphics will display the names of the sponsor and the college.

“The students have learned a lot by doing this,” Squires said.

Next semester Squires is thinking about having his students build a mini monster truck.

“It would give them something to do to keep them interested,” Squires said.