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October 15, 2008

Multicultural Scholars Program hosts guest speaker


Multicultural Scholars ProgramThe Multicultural Scholars Program hosted speaker Eloy Mendoza, E-Marketing Coordinator for Great Plains Industries, Inc, at their monthly meeting Tuesday night.

As well as his position at GPI, Mendoza also has a freelance marketing business. Mendoza spoke to the group about the benefits of hard work as they receive their education and the positives of taking advantage of every learning opportunity.

 “Never let anyone tell you can’t do something,” Mendoza said. “Your life is in your hands.”

Marlys Cervantes, co-director of MSP, expressed her thanks to Mendoza.

“Eloy really opened up to the group about the opportunities he had through sports, committing to his education, and due to the hard work of his parents,” Cervantes said. “It was nice for the students to see many of the struggles each of them have now paying off in the long run.” 

Mendoza also told the group about the benefits of his being bilingual. Immediately after being hired in his current position, he was able to save his company money by reviewing signage they were ordering for their packaging to South America. Several changes to what the label company had sent them to review were needed. 

“We’ve known the benefits of being bilingual were there; however, it was great to hear a firsthand incident where it had paid off,” says Amy McWhirt, co-director of MSP.

McWhirt has been working to revamp the foreign language program at Cowley College, which received a boost when KBOR changed its policy to now allow foreign language as a Humanities elective.

MSP is a program that addresses the academic, social, personal and career aspects of the college experience through a community of scholars and a mentoring process. Students who are interested must apply for the program and go through an interview process. Cowley currently has a couple of spots available for freshman students who may be interested. For further information, contact Cervantes at 620-441-5560 or McWhirt at 620-441-5397 in the Cowley College Humanities Department.