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October 21, 2008

Master Agreement approved during monthly Board Meeting


The 2009-2010 Master Agreement between the Board of Trustees of Cowley College and the Cowley College Education Association was approved during Monday night’s regular monthly meeting.

The Master Agreement states the Board recognizes the Cowley College Education Association as the exclusive negotiating representative of the Professional Employees, in accordance with the provisions of the statutes of the State of Kansas.

The Agreement shall be for a period beginning Aug. 1, 2008 through July 31, 2010 with the right of the Board and/or the Association to open for negotiations Salary and Wages, New Hires and Current Professional Employees. Also, Academic Freedom, by statutory motion on or before Feb. 1, 2009 for the 2009-2010 academic year.

In other matters, the Board:

  1. Saw Cowley President Dr. Pat McAtee present a gift to Andy Petz for being named October Student of the Month.
  2. Held a 20-minute executive session for preliminary discussions relating to acquisition of real property.
  3. Discussed the KACCT/COP December quarterly meeting, which will be hosted by Cloud County Community College, December 7-8. Dr. Pat McAtee, Ron Godsey, and Donna Avery have indicated their attendance.
  4. Reviewed letters and documents Dr. McAtee sent to Senator Greta Goodwin and Representatives Ed Trimmer and Kasha Kelly, seeking legislative relief for the inequitable funding situation.
  5. Viewed a memorandum from Sheila Frahm/KACCT in reference to the proposed Technical Education Statute recommendations.
  6. Viewed a fall enrollment report that indicates 20th day full-time equivalency was 2,405, which is slightly down from this time last year. A total of 866 Cowley County residents registered for classes at the college. There are 20 foreign countries represented.
  7. Received an academic update that the following classes were approved: Introduction to Exercise Science; Sport and Exercise Psychology; Therapeutic Exercise in Rehabilitation; Aerobic Development for the Cardiovascular System; Communications Practicum I; Communications Practicum II; Communications Practicum III; Communications Practicum IV; Service and Learning: Impacting Community I; Service and Learning: Impacting Community II; Service and Learning: Impacting Community III; Service and Learning: Impacting Community IV.
  8. Approved overload contracts for 2008 fall semester.
  9. Submitted the policy Tuition Reimbursement for Full-Time Classified Staff for first reading.
  10. Accepted a letter of resignation from Jacque Ramirez as Humanities Department secretary, effective Nov. 7.
  11. Approved the employment of Robin Graves as Humanities Department secretary, effective Nov. 12.
  12. Board member LaDonna Lanning was absent.