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October 22, 2008

Representatives from Cowley College attend NTO Kansas workshop


NTO Kansas workshopThe Kansas Board of Regents, Career & Technical Education, launched the NTO Kansas: A New Look project on October 16 at the Topeka Ramada.

Lynn Reha, Illinois State University, was the facilitator. Representatives from a majority of Kansas community colleges, technical colleges, including Cowley College, for a total of 86 participants, attended. This full-day workshop provided activities for increasing enrollment in gender-based nontraditional high skill, high wage, and high demand career fields.

The colleges participating in the project will return to their respective campuses to conduct an institutional online self-study with Illinois Center for Specialized Support. The Kansas college team leaders will return in November with data specific to their institution and a plan for increasing nontraditional gender occupations.

Three Kansas Community Colleges received grants in the 2007-2008 academic year including Cowley College, Allen County Community College, and Barton County Community College. Each of the schools presented the results of their grant and future opportunities to sustaining their projects.

The Kansas Board of Regents will be awarding new grants for this purpose in 2008-2009 for Kansas community colleges and technical schools. Attending for the Cowley College team was: Brett Butler, Chris Cannon, Beverly Grunder and Sandy Randel.