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November 14, 2008

Cowley and Southwestern offer new Pre-Nursing Course


The demand for nurses in the healthcare industry continues to grow at an exceptional rate. To help prepare pre-nursing students for their future profession, Southwestern College is offering a pre-nursing course for all Cowley College pre-nursing students.

The one-credit hour course details the exploration of careers in health care, with observational experience in a health-care setting, with an emphasis on professional nursing roles with introduction to medical terminology.

“This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn directly from nursing professionals what this field truly entails,” Cowley College allied health department chair Chris Cannon said. “I’m excited that Southwestern is offering this course for our students.”

This course is open to all Cowley pre-nursing students, and will be particularly helpful to those planning on transferring to the Southwestern BSN program. During the course students will spend time out in the field with practicing nurses, participate in online discussions and access videos and other multimedia content regarding the nursing profession, and learn about medical terminology.

“We welcome students to take this opportunity to explore areas of health care that they might have questions about, and to also get a glimpse into the expansive nursing role,” Southwestern-nursing instructor Melanie Johnson said. “We hope it will be both enlightening and enjoyable!”
Students interested in enrolling for this course should contact Southwestern College at 620-229-6207.