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November 20, 2008

Cowley College offering entry-level computer technology classes


Wanting to save money and aggravation by learning how to work on your own home computer? Or maybe you are interested in earning industry certification. If so, then enroll in Cowley College’s entry-level wireless Computer Hardware/Software class or the entry-level Wireless Sharp class.

Students in the Computer Hardware/Software online class receive a computer of their own that they put together and work on during the course. The computer is theirs to keep once they have completed the course.

At the end of the course students have the knowledge to work on computers, both hardware and software wise and can take the industry certification, if they so desire. They also have something to show for completing the course by having a computer to keep.

The Wireless Sharp class is theory based, where all of the instruction comes from a textbook. The course will cover exam objectives in case students are interested in taking the industry certification following the course. The course will also teach students an understanding of home wireless networks and the different wireless standards that are available.