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November 21, 2008

Turkey bowling at Cowley strikes it big


Turkey BowlingThe turkey jokes were flying and it got pretty fowl around the Cowley Recreation Center on Thursday as more than 60 students and staff spared some time to hit the alleys.

Nine teams flocked to the Cowley Recreation Center following the basketball game and CC Singers and Jazz Band Concert. Each team filled out a score sheet and selected a name: The Plaid Couch, The Paws, White Girls That Can Dance, The Elite Fleet, Winston, The Fruit Eating Monkeys and The Bird “Flew”, UFC and Unnamed took to the lanes.

The Plaid Couch was led by women’s head soccer coach, Dane Straight. The team was made up primarily of both male and female soccer players who certainly knew how to throw a turkey, as kicking them was not allowed. Plaid Couch gobbled up the lanes outscoring their closest competitors by over 250 points. They were awarded Cowley t-shirts donated by the admissions department.

Freshman Carly Budd won the top two prizes of the night during the drawing, taking home two ticket to her choice of shows at The Cotillion and the electronic Catch Phrase game (batteries included).

The turkeys were donated by Country Mart on Summit, with special thanks to Russell and Patty Clark. The Brown Store donated a four pack of Jones Sodas and The Cowley College Bookstore donated t-shirts and cups. Admissions also donated water bottles and bags.

“Thank you to all who came to support the media club and all who helped to make it a success,” Meg Smith, director of Journalism said.