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December 3, 2008

Anticipation building for Christmas Vespers at Cowley


Christmas VespersWith the holiday season upon us, the anticipation is growing for the annual Christmas Vespers concert, which will take place Dec. 14 at 2 p.m. in Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre. There is no cost to attend the concert.

Along with the Cowley College Concert Choir, the Concert Band will also perform at Vespers. The Concert Band, under the direction of Josh Fleig, will begin the evening by performing a medley of traditional Christmas songs and carols.

The Concert Choir will then take the stage under the direction of Connie Donatelli to perform songs people treasure this time of year.

“Vespers is a special thing for the community and it is special for me and my choir,” Donatelli said. “I have had people tell me their Christmas doesn’t start until they have come to Vespers.”

A reception will be held in the Earle N. Wright Community Room following the concert.

Prior to Vespers, a Student Recital will take place Dec. 9 in the Robert Brown Theatre at 7 p.m. Individuals performing at the recital study privately in either voice or instrument, so the audience will hear a variety of styles of music.

“There is a uniqueness of each individual,” said Donatelli.

Vocal students performing at the Student Recital are, Angela Fulker, Tommy Govert, Nicole Hoerschgen, Derek Kelsheimer, Jessica Latham, Chris Loftin, Gabbie McHaffie, Shawn Ming, Jessica Small, Ian Sutton, Miranda Teeters, and Mitchell Wright.

Instrumental students performing at the Student Recital are, Richard Abrams, Brieanna Baxter, Ben Byers, Traci Hall, Robert Hutson, Derek Vaden, Kara Slovak, and Anna Stevens.

Members of the Concert Choir are, Edna Anderson, Brianna Baxter, Courtney Becker, Cody Borror, Erin Burroughs, Jennifer Dineen, Jacob Fletcher, Kelsey Ford, Angela Fulker, Janee’ Gabbard, Chelsea Graham, Thomas Govert, Clinton Haas, Tyler Hartman, Nicole Hoerschgen, Leslie Holloway, Mitch Hoover, Robert Hutson, Derek Kelsheimer, Jessica Latham, Joey Lawson, Chris Loftin, Amber Mason, John David McDonald, Jessica McLeod, Baron Meeks, Shawn Ming, Kathy Moon, Danielle Napier, Jamie Nichols, Jo Palmer, Gemma Palsmeier, Rio Parker-Garcia, JD Roudybush, Steven Sheperd, Jessica Small, Anna Stevens, Dori Stevens, Ian Sutton, Miranda Teeters, Brooke Tobble, James Wearing, Brandy Wine, and Mitchell Wright.

Members of the Concert Band are, Angel Chavez, Jenni Zanardi, Jil Gemas, Sara Julian, Kylie Flickenger, Robert Hutson, Ashley Heptig, Janessa Gould, Shawn Coleman, Kayla Misasi, Lindsay Newman, Katie Grimm, Steven Shepherd, Derek Kelsheimer, Richard Gould, Kristen Tennyson, Matt Nelson, Lucas Smith, J.D. Roudybush, Josh Arseneault, Kevin High, Felecia Pierce, Baron Meeks, Paul Chavez, Mikayla Chiles, Richard Abrams, Clay Wiley, Lindsey Pond, Brieanna Baxter, Jacob Fletcher, Mitchell Wright, Dan Hasenbank, Kara Slovak, Jeremiah Johnson, Chelsea Befort, Cody Jackson, Lacey Brown, Josh Reed, and Shawn Nelson.