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September 19, 2008


Puttin’ on the Hits entertains large audience


With Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre packed to the rafters, the participants in this year’s Puttin’ on the Hits kept audience members entertained throughout the evening.
The annual lip-sync contest held Thursday helped raise $1,147 for Cowley College’s Act One Drama Club.
“I think it was a great event and one of the best attended Puttin’ on the Hits we have ever had,” Humanities Department secretary Jacque Ramirez said.

This marked the 19th year of Puttin’ on the Hits. It started in Galle-Johnson in a 208-seat theatre and is now packing the 800-seat Brown Theatre.
Dejon Ewing, Humanities Instructor, came up with the idea shortly after she arrived as a full-time instructor.
Scott MacLaughlin, Director of Theatre, once again served as emcee for the event.
The three celebrity judges for the event were Vic Olmstead, Patsy Sweely, and Doug Ewing.
During brief intermissions, audience members played a Cowley version of “Name That Tune” for cash prizes.

Best Performance by Cowley faculty and staff
The traveling trophy for the best performance by Cowley faculty and staff went to Frank Arnold, who entertained the crowd with his performance of "Redneck Woman”.



Second Best Performance by faculty & staff
The Book Ladies, consisting of Shannon O'Toole, Melissa Hollister, and Rhoda MacLaughlin, finished second in the faculty and staff category.


First Place in Group Category
Sabrina McKinney and Darci Mann won the first place prize of $50 in the small group category. The Cowley Student Ambassadors won $50 and the first place prize for the large group category.

Second Place in Group Category
Mitch Hoover took home second place in the small group category, while the Art Club finished second in the large group category.