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January 12, 2010

Cowley honors 25 employees for years of service


Years of ServiceTwenty-five Cowley College employees were honored Tuesday morning for their years of service during a recognition ceremony in the Earle N. Wright Community Room inside the Brown Center.

Employees were honored in five-year increments.

Awards are presented annually to employees who have worked five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 consecutive years.

This year’s award recipients:

  • 35 years: Elvin Hatfield, Business Technology Department instructor.
  • 30 years: Joycelyn Goff, accounting coordinator; Terri Hutchinson, admissions secretary.
  • 25 years: Deb Nittler, Social Science Department instructor; Larry Swaim, purchasing coordinator.
  • 20 years: Tammy Barnaby, freight and supplies specialist; Darren Burroughs, assistant baseball coach; Marcia Cales, Natural Science Department secretary.
  • 15 years: Jody Arnett, administrative assistant to the Vice President of Business Service; Tony Crouch, Executive Vice President of Business Service; Lois Sampson, Humanities Department instructor; Michelle Schoon, Natural Science Department Chair.
  • 10 years: Heather Allen, Director of Organizational Learning and Academic Advising; Mark Britton, registrar; Jafar Hashemi, Natural Science Department instructor; Rhoda MacLaughlin, Director of Library Services; Bev Manuszak, Student Support Services Counselor; Greg Nichols, Natural Science Department instructor; Roy Reynolds, Student Life Counselor; Todd Shepherd, Social Science Department Chair.
  • 5 years: Todd Clark, head women’s basketball coach; Carl Garison, maintenance technician; Julie Kratt, Humanities Department instructor; Donni McClaflin, telephone receptionist; Kathy Witte, accounts payable specialist.