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February 4, 2010

February Student of the Month plans on giving back


Christine LoganKnown to make random decisions on occasion, Christine Logan decided to come to Cowley College in Arkansas City all the way from Northern California. The decision turned out to be a good one as she has flourished at the school and was recently named the February Student of the Month.

Logan, daughter of Dennis and Martina Logan, is a pre-nursing major from Dixon, California. She has a sister, Karoline 13, and a brother, Caleb 12.

She had never actually stepped foot on the Cowley College campus prior to her first semester at the school.

After graduating from Dixon (CA) High School in Northern California, Logan had thoughts of taking a trip to Ireland. However, after the trip did not pan out she began looking for a college. While researching schools online she learned of Cowley. With her grandparents Sam and Martha Logan residing in Winfield, she thought she would give Cowley a try.

“After the plans for my trip fell through I thought why not go to college in Kansas,” Logan said.
The decision is one she most certainly does not regret.

“The people here are very friendly and the school has a lot to offer,” Logan said. “The teachers know what they are talking about and there are lots of great opportunities here. I tell my friends back home about all the things we do here and they say our community college’s don’t do that.”

At Cowley, she is involved in Phi Theta Kappa, FCA, PAWS and previously served as a volunteer for Hospice of Kansas.  She is a Cowley Tutor and also plays the bass guitar with the Cowley jazz band.
Logan is liked and respected by the other tutors and students coming in for help. She carries a full class schedule while maintaining a 3.92 GPA.

Logan became interested in missionary work in the fifth grade while being assigned to do a report on a country. Logan says she closed her eyes and randomly picked Mozambique, Africa from the map. She immediately grew a love for the country and its culture.

“They need a lot of help and I felt a burden to go there,” Logan said. “Any time I doubt going there God brings it up some how. I don’t know when I will go, but I will go eventually. It has been kind of my life’s dream to go there.”

Following her sophomore year of high school, Logan went on a mission trip to Taiwan, where she played bass guitar in a band that played Christian and Secular music, while giving testimonies through a translator. The group spent two weeks training in Minnesota and four weeks touring Taiwan.

“Helping at a kids camp in Taiwan was the highlight of my trip,” Logan said.

Logan was also an avid rower and was a part of her high school’s rowing team before suffering an injury. Following the injury she began focusing more on music and joined her school’s jazz band during her senior year.

Playing the bass guitar in the Cowley jazz band has been one of the highlights of Logan’s time at Cowley.

“Playing music is a great way for me to give back to God,” Logan said.

Logan being named the February Student of the Month is even more impressive considering she battled an illness for several weeks and was thinking about dropping out the first semester of this school year.

“I prayed a lot and my friend, Robbie Williams, pushed me to keep going,” Logan said. “I put in the extra effort and realized I could do it. It is a great honor because there are a lot of hard working students here at Cowley.”

Logan has already decided to transfer to Baker University in Topeka once she graduates from Cowley. She hopes she will enjoy her next school as much as Cowley and is once again going there on a whim, as she has not actually been to that campus either.

“I saw Baker on TV and I have family in Topeka in case I would need anything,” Logan said.

After earning her Nursing degree she would like to get her certificate in massage therapy. As for her career plans after college, Logan’s ultimate goal would be to become a missionary doctor in Mozambique, Africa.

“I have always wanted to be a missionary doctor,” Logan said. “I have a love for people and would like to help sick people feel better.”