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February 10, 2010

Area students take part in Cowley's Math and Science Day


Close to 100 high school students took part in Cowley College’s annual Math and Science Day held Wednesday in Arkansas City.

Students in attendance were from Arkansas City Christian Academy, Arkansas City High School, Chaparral, Oxford, Sedan, Caldwell, and South Haven. The students competed for scholarships and cash prizes. The format of the competition consisted of the construction of scientific apparatus testing the skills of the creators (in teams of two) and a scholastic competition for those knowledgeable in the scientific fields.

math and science

Five academic areas were tested. Areas tested were, the fields of Algebra, Geometry/Trigonometry, Physics/Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry. Some of the top students in each category then participated in a Quiz Bowl.

Along with the academic tests, students had an opportunity to compete in a Ping Pong Ball Launch, Eiffel Tower Construction, and CSI (Cowley Science Investigation) Chemical Analysis competition.

Students were then treated to a campus tour. The day concluded with lunch and an awards ceremony in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.

Chaparral’s Caeden Hacker and Harley Thornton were the winners of the Ping Pong Ball Launch and were awarded a cash prize. South Haven’s James Moreland and Levi Schuster finished second, and fellow South Haven students Nick Creed and Josh Mangrum placed third.

Caldwell’s Alex Davis and Braden Lebeda won the Eiffel Tower Construction competition and were awarded a cash prize, while Kati Lebeda and Brittnee York from Caldwell finished second. Arkansas City Christian Academy’s Charity Kester and Samantha Nichols placed third.

Logan Rice and Cecily Jamison from Caldwell High School placed first in the CSI (Cowley Science Investigation) competition and were also awarded cash. South Haven’s Jordan Hallman and Kiley Broyles placed second, while Brianna Bryant and Christa Curl finished third.

Ryan Sutton from Oxford High School won three scholastic competitions, while Quincy Ward from Caldwell and Jameson Reber from Chaparral also won scholastic competitions. Each were awarded calculators. Five seniors were also recipients of a Math and Science Day Champion Scholarship.