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February 23, 2010

Mulvane Center hosts mixer with Derby and Mulvane Chamber of Commerce�s


Mulvane CenterProviding an opportunity for businesses in Derby and Mulvane to come together and share ideas, Cowley College’s Bloomenshine Center held a mixer with the Derby and Mulvane Chamber of Commerce’s on Monday.

Cynthia Jones, Cowley College Mulvane Center Coordinator, helped with the planning of the event.
“Networking with others in our community like this provides an opportunity to connect with others in a way where we may better understand how we can work together to build a stronger community,” Jones said. “Everyone involved benefits as we understand the needs of others, how we can help, and how we are truly intertwined.”

Derby mayor Dion Avello, who recommended the idea for a joint mixer between the Derby and Mulvane Chamber of Commerce’s, attended the event as did Rhonda Cott and Tara Whitt from the Derby Chamber of Commerce.

Other individuals from Derby in attendance were, Lisa Moling of American Family Insurance, Patricia Ashlock of Advanced Solutions Addiction Management, Betty Wilken of Miche Bag, Mark Wedman of Jeff Lange Real Estate, and Shawn Kuntz of ING.

Individuals from Mulvane at the mixer were, Mike Robinson of the Mulvane News, Brad Rahe, Superintendent of the Mulvane School District, Becky and Robert Schippers of Quality Body Shop of Mulvane, and Ron Paul of Northwest Mutual Financial.

Jones was appreciative of the businesses that took time away from their busy schedules to take part in the mixer.

“It is far too easy to get caught up in our world at work and focus internally, getting away from the reality of how what we each do in our business and individually has an impact on others in our community,” Jones said. “I truly believe that being community minded provides opportunities to develop strong friendships. Through these friendships we can make great things happen for our communities, our businesses, and for each individual.”

Along with Jones, Cowley College’s vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths, and Cowley’s vice president of student affairs Sue Saia were also in attendance. As were Cowley College instructors Nancy Ayers and Uwe Conrad, and Julie Rhoads, director of education and service learning.