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February 26, 2010


Sue Saia chosen to lead Kansas Community College Dean’s Leadership Council


Recognized for her ability to lead, Sue Saia, Cowley College’s vice president of student affairs, was recently selected to serve as the chairperson for the Kansas Community College Dean’s Leadership Council.

The group, which is made up of a representative from each of the community colleges in Kansas, meets twice a year to clarify rulings and laws. Saia was selected by her peers to lead the council.

“I enjoy the group, it is refreshing to go there and visit with them because every one of us goes through the same things,” Saia said. “The meetings serve as a good warehouse of information.”

As chairperson of the KSCC Dean’s Leadership Council, Saia will be responsible for organizing and coordinating state meetings.

Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee was not surprised Saia was chosen to lead the group.
“She is the perfect person for it,” McAtee said. “She is a real leader. She’s also innovative and a hard worker.”

Saia, who has been a member of the council for the past 10 years, has a Master's degree in Education from Southwestern College, and obtained her Bachelor's degree from Pittsburg State University where she majored in Psychology and Mathematics.

Along with her work on the KSCC Dean’s Leadership Council, Saia is also a member of the Arkansas City Human Relations Commission and serves on the Arkansas City Chamber of Commerce Business and Industry committee.

Her primary roles at Cowley College include responsibility for Career Services, Advising, Counseling, ADA, student services such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Activities, Food Service, Housing, Tutoring, Health Services and the Trio grant programs.