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March 5, 2010

Cowley inducts 27 new members into Mu Alpha Theta organization


Mu Alpha Theta induction

A ceremony was held Thursday, Feb. 25 in Cowley College’s McAtee Dining Center to induct 27 new members into the school’s Mu Alpha Theta organization.

Attending the induction were new members, Ashley Arseneault, Ashley Clinard, Sarah Kernell, Robin Ray, Kyle Swanson, Kelly Sweet, Kyle Tatro, Lyndsie Valle, and Jennifer Delaney. Other new members are, Justin Balmer, Raphael Blitz, Daniel Byers, Jordan Creed, Christopher Hall, Curtis Hall, Garrett James, Mark Janzen, Caleb Johnston, Stacey Jurey, Holly Paine, Kiel Pratt, Kaleigh Richardson, Marcus Whitson, Madison Zimmerman, and Meagan Mason.

Sue Saia, Cowley College vice president of student affairs, served as the keynote speaker. Math and Science Club co-sponsors, April Nittler and Scott Layton, hosted the event. While, Slade Griffiths, Cowley College vice president of academic affairs, and Natural Science Department Chair Michelle Schoon, also attended the ceremony.

Mu Alpha Theta is an asset to a student's record and resume. It is a way to recognize capable math students, as well as to enhance the mathematics instruction of the institution.

Mu Alpha Theta inductees automatically become members of Math and Science Club, Mu Alpha Sigma Chi. Its major purpose is to promote greater interest in mathematics and give recognition for excellence in mathematics performance by community college students.

Membership in Mu Alpha Theta is limited to those students who have excelled in mathematics and met the minimum standard for membership.

For more information on the Math and Science Club or Mu Alpha Theta, contact April Nittler at 441-5208 or Scott Layton at 441-5331.

Pictured, from left, Michelle Schoon, Ashley Arseneault, Ashley Clinard, Jennifer Delaney, Sarah Kernell, Robin Ray, Kyle Swanson, Kelly Sweet, Kyle Tatro, Lyndsie Valle, and April Nittler.