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February 11, 2010

Cowley Press unveils redesign of web site


Cowley PressWanting to have more flexibility and the ability to run videos without bogging down the college server, The Cowley Press recently switched over to a Word Press, template driven content management system.

The Cowley Press no longer uses the campus server, instead SUTV out of Wellington provides the server.

Chris Bales, a freshman from Wellington, who serves as The Cowley Press online editor and online ad manager, basically redesigned the web site from scratch.

“I think the sky is the limit with the web site,” Bales said. “I am glad to have it up and running after all of the work put into it. We hope to get a lot more student activity on the site.”

Along with the ability to run videos, the web site also added a comment box and photo gallery. Through a program called ISSUU a PDF version of the newspaper can be uploaded for readers to enjoy.

“This allows us to do redesigns at any time and will give us a lot more movement,” Cowley Press advisor Meg Smith said. “It will also give us more flexibility and be able to get instant feedback from the students in the forum.”

Each of the articles that appear in The Cowley Press will be archived on its web site.

Check out the web site’s new look at