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April 5, 2010

Pair of cosmetology students reach Designer Level


Amy Herrman and Jennifer JenningsHaving reached the goals set by cosmetology instructor Pat Mauzey, Cowley College cosmetology students Jennifer Jennings and Amy Herrman recently were moved up to the Designer Level.

In the Cosmetology Industry many salon owners establish goals for their employees. When employees reach the goals then the employer puts them in a higher price level.

At Cowley, the cosmetology students start out at Technician Level, then when students reach an established service and retail amount/goal, new client request and return client request percentage along with GPA requirement and attendance percentage, the students get to move up to Designer Level.

By reaching the Designer Level their prices are higher and they are given a purple lab uniform to wear to denote their achievements.

“In the salon they would receive a higher wage because of the increase in their prices, however we pay in Cowley bucks,” Mauzey said. “We do this process so that students will know what to expect when they go to work in the salon.”

At the end of the year Peels Beauty Supply sponsors an auction and the students use their Cowley bucks to buy skin, hair and nail products, implements, and salon apparel. Those who move up in this system usually have the most Cowley bucks to spend.

Both Jennings and Herrman have generated more than $1,000 in service sales and over $300 in retail sales. They also have an 86 percent or higher grade point average and have had more than 24 new clients this year, while missing less than five percent of their class time.

Jennings, who is from Arkansas City, used her 17 month old daughter as inspiration for her to come back to school and continue her education. Her first desire to do hair came at the age of nine and she has loved it ever since.

She chose Cowley Cosmetology because she knew she would get a quality education.

"I have enjoyed my time in class working with Mrs. Mauzey and my classmates and after completing this course, I will be working in the Arkansas City area."

Herrman came to Cowley from Derby High School and has always loved styling and cutting her friends' hair and always wanted to be a cosmetologist.

She came to Cowley with intensions of pursuing cosmetology on an awarded art scholarship, but due to lack of spare time, she declined the scholarship and continued with cosmetology classes.

“I feel like I can express my artistic side through cosmetology,” Herrman said.

Mauzey is proud of each of the students’ accomplishments.

“They are very busy team orientated students,” Mauzey said. “I have enjoyed having them here and working with them.”