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June 23, 2010


Rorabaugh chosen to participate in Ask Dr. C program


RorabaughJulie Rorabaugh, director of instructional technology at Cowley College, was recently selected by Blackboard® to serve as an Ask Dr. C forum moderator.
“I am thrilled and honored to be chosen by Blackboard to participate in the Ask Dr. C program,” Rorabaugh said. “Over the past few years, Cowley Online has migrated from WebCT 4.1 to ANGEL 7.2 and then to ANGEL 7.4. My participation in Ask Dr. C is an excellent opportunity to share some of the lessons learned from our relatively early adoption of 7.4, with other schools and organizations who might just now be making the transition.”
Rorabaugh was one of four individuals selected out of 27 candidates to serve as an Ask Dr. C forum moderator.
Ask Dr. C is a free question-and-answer service moderated by a dedicated group of fellow Blackboard clients. Its mission is to provide quality answers to questions in a highly responsive manner. In the process, they hope to build a global knowledge base for online teaching and learning.
“I am excited both personally and professionally to be working with Blackboard on a global level, as they develop further technologies that will enhance online teaching and learning,” Rorabaugh said. “As a Dr. C, I’ll be able to research any new versions of learning technologies that are developed, and be an advocate for those that will enhance the online experience for Cowley students and faculty.”
Rorabaugh was a bit taken aback when Blackboard bought Angel. Now, however, she is excited about the effect the merger will have on online and mobile education.
“I have dedicated myself to becoming immersed in the Blackboard organization, and absolutely love the way the company asks and listens to their clients,” Rorabaugh said.