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August 12, 2009

Cowley College offering Business and Industry Training


Business & Industry Training, a branch of Cowley College, is committed to providing working partnerships for every business and industry they serve --- from manufacturing, to professional business services, to retail and beyond. They know this not only pays dividends for their industry and business leaders, but also provides vitality to the local economy by supporting the communities they serve.

Cowley College offers practical training modules tailored to the businesses special needs to improve skills, increase productivity, promote safety, and encourage the application of new technologies in the workplace.

Beverly Grunder, Cowley College director of Business and Industry Training, recommends area businesses look into the training.

“Because of the professional training Cowley can provide and the expertise we have in this area,” Grunder said.

Cowley will work with businesses to develop the best solutions for their training needs. They will deliver an engaging, highly interactive program using the latest technologies to enhance the instruction at an economical price.

Along with an initial consultation, the college will meet with your representatives to determine your exact training needs. Businesses will be provided with a training program proposal that offers the best solutions to the challenges the companies identified.

A curriculum and presentation method will be designed best suited to the business’s needs so the training that is delivered to the employees pays for itself long after the class is over and the workbooks are closed.

 The training program will be delivered based on a schedule that includes the dates, times and locations for each training module. Training can be conducted at the business location or at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City.

“Training varies according to what the need is for the company, we will customize the training to fit their needs,” Grunder said.