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September 11, 2009


Puttin’ on the Hits keeps entertaining


Even after 20 years, Puttin’ on the Hits continues to fill the Robert Brown Theatre and keep the audience entertained throughout. Thursday night was no different as 13 acts took part in the event.
The annual lip-sync contest raised close to $1,000 for Cowley College’s Act One Drama Club. Scott MacLaughlin, Director of Theatre, once again served as emcee for the event. Jacque Ramirez, former humanities department secretary, was one of three celebrity judges. Other judges on the evening were, Jan MacLaughlin and John Sturd.
Shaelynn French and Ian Sutton won the first place prize of $50 in the small group category, while Act One was awarded $50 and the first place prize for the large group category.
Mitch Hoover and Tim Wilson took home second place in the small group category, while the Tigerettes finished second in the large group category.
The traveling trophies for the best performance by Cowley faculty and staff went to Ben Schears and Sue Saia, who entertained the crowd with their performance of "A Whole New World”, while being dressed as mustard and ketchup bottles.
Frank Arnold, finished second in the faculty and staff category.
During brief intermissions, audience members played a Cowley version of “Name That Tune” for cash prizes.