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September 23, 2009

Cowley College to offer free Speakers Bureau


In order to form new partnerships and enlighten the community on programs Cowley College has to offer, the school’s faculty members have decided to offer a Speakers Bureau free of charge.

Cowley College has assembled a list of presenters with expertise in a wide range of topics that would be delighted to speak to school groups, businesses, civic organizations or other interested parties.

Because Cowley College is committed to learning excellence and personal enrichment in an open access environment, the school is eager to share a selection of educational and informative programs.

Pam Smith, natural science department instructor, and Michelle Schoon, natural science department chairperson, came up with the idea. While, Cowley College vice president of academic affairs, Slade Griffiths, also had input in the way the Speakers Bureau will work.

"Through the Natural Science Speakers Bureau project, we are pleased to have the opportunity to share our passion for math and science with the community, and at the same time, meet new people and form new partnerships,” Smith said. “We hope to promote a growth in interest in the applications of math and science in our society, to educate the community on the benefits of math and science, to put math and science topics in perspective and to dispel common myths."

Other Speakers Bureau projects include, Allied Health, Career and Technical Education, Humanities, Business, Computer, and Information Technology, and Social Science.

To learn more about the Speakers Bureau project go to or call 620-442-0430.