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October 12, 2009

Students pull off intense murder mystery


Who done it? That was the question leading up to the final scenes of Cowley College’s fall play “The houseHouse on the Cliff”, which was performed Thursday through Saturday night in the college’s Robert Brown Theatre.

George Batson wrote the murder mystery in 1957. With only six roles and one room in which all of the scenes take place in, theatre director Scott MacLaughlin and technical director of theatre, Jamison Rhoads, did a phenomenal job of making the story come to life.

“I was really pleased at the positive audience response,” MacLaughlin said. “Everyone that I spoke with really seemed to enjoy the play. The technical aspects of the show were wonderful.  From the set to the lights and sound, to props and costumes. I think the show looked really sharp. I also think the cast did a great job with their characters and I think they were pretty effective in telling a very complicated story.”

The cast consisted of Sung Walker, Aubrey Denney, Amy Dunlap, Jessica Hayden, Ashley Cain, and Peter Fairchild.

Walker played the part of Dr. Lane, Denney played the role of the heiress Ellen Clayton, who was confined to a wheelchair, Dunlap served as Ellen’s stepmother, Karen, while Hayden played the housekeeper, Jenny, and Cain was Miss Pepper the nurse. The thrilling evening came to a conclusion with it being determined Dr. Phillips, played by Peter Fairchild, was the murderer.

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The college’s theatre department is currently conducting auditions for the Children’s Theatre production of “Rapunzel” by Karen Boettcher-Tate. “Rapunzel” will be held Nov. 16-17 in the Robert Brown Theatre.