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November 24, 2009

Huynh takes long road to being named November Student of the Month


Phuong HuynhHaving lived in the United States for less than two years, Cowley College sophomore Phuong Huynh has adapted incredibly well to living in a different country.

Huynh, who was born and raised in Vietnam, has learned to speak the English language and has excelled as a student at Cowley College. She has impressed so many faculty and students with her hard work that she was recently named the school’s November Student of the Month.

Huynh, daughter of Phong Huynh and Mung Vo, is a accounting major from Vietnam. She has two brothers, Luan Huynh 18, and Minh Huynh 22.

She came to the United States for the first time in 2008 as a foreign exchange student, and attended Wichita West High School during her senior year. During that time, Huynh had to learn to speak English more fluently.

“It was really hard at first because I couldn’t speak English or understand the lessons very well,” Huynh said.

That did not stop Huynh from receiving the Kansas Governor’s Scholar Award and being named a member of the honor roll.

She continued to work hard at learning the English language and chose to attend Cowley College following graduation from High School.

At Cowley, she is actively involved in Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Beta Lambda, the Math and Science Club, ACES, and is president of the SHADE (Students Honoring All Different Ethnicities) organization.

“I’d like to thank all of my instructors and my friends who helped me during the time I was here,” Huynh said. “I’d especially like to thank Ben [Schears]. He’s always there to help us international students.”

In her first year as a member of Phi Beta Lambda, Huynh received first place in Hospitality Management and second place in Small Business Management Plan at the PBL State Leadership Conference.
She is currently leading a campus wide recycling program. She also helped organize PTK’s sponsorship in the Adopt-A-Garden program and has done volunteer work by helping with Manna Ministries.
“My schedule keeps me busy so I am not homesick,” Huynh said.

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends and her cousin, My Vy Hyunh, who is also a student at Cowley.

She credits her parents with helping her get to where she is at today.

“Both my parents are the most influential people in my life,” Huynh said. “They are not only supporting financially for me to continue studying abroad but also encouraging me eagerly to follow my future plans while I am in America. I want to thank them for providing me an opportunity to get a higher education, to learn new experiences, and to meet many wonderful people who always help and lead me through the difficulties of language and culture while I am attending Cowley.”

After Cowley, she plans to transfer to the University of Kansas or Northern Illinois University to obtain a Master’s degree, double majoring in both Mathematics and Accounting. Her goal is to earn the highest degree possible and to learn several foreign languages so she can do accounting work in different countries.

Her father, Phong, is an accountant as are several other family members.

“Accounting is a family tradition,” Huynh said. “It is a popular job that you can do anywhere. I would like to work in Japan, Korea, or some European countries.”

Before setting off on her travels, Huynh plans to enjoy her final year at Cowley.

“I have met a lot of wonderful students and instructors,” Huynh said. “I struggle with my English sometimes, but the good thing about Cowley is everybody is very patient to listen to me.”