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December 9, 2009

Students perform "A Night of Scenes"


Act OneWith audience members seated on the stage in the Robert Brown Theatre, Cowley College students conducted “A Night of Scenes” on Monday.

Four student directors each picked a one act show, cast participants for the roles, then produced and performed the shows. The student directors were, Aubrey Denney, Nicole Hoerschgen, Rachel Curtiss, and Jeff Wejman.

Theatre director Scott MacLaughlin, and technical director Jamison Rhoads, lended their support to the student directors. However, MacLaughlin insisted the students were the ones who did the work.

“They did a great job,” MacLaughlin said. “This gives them a glimpse into what it takes to put a show together from beginning to end.”

There were 108 chairs on the stage, allowing the audience an opportunity to see the actors up close. The evening consisted of two comedy satires and two serious pieces.

MacLaughlin was proud of the students and felt the event, which raised money for the Act One Drama Club, was a success.

“Everyone really enjoyed the evening,” MacLaughlin said.