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January 4, 2011

New bus to make traveling easier for Cowley activities


Cowley BusWith hundreds of students involved in Cowley College’s athletic programs as well as its theatre and music departments, the school was faced with the need of finding a new mode of transportation to help get the students to the events they had scheduled. The school hopes they have solved that problem for the foreseeable future with the recent purchase of a 2005, 56 passenger, MCI J4500 motor coach.

Cowley had been making due with a 44-seat Thomas bus and a 31-seat Goshen bus. With the addition of the Tiger men and women’s soccer teams in 2008 and the expanding track and field rosters, often times the school would not only fill one of its two busses, but would also have to take two or three vanloads of athletes to the event as well.

The purchase of a larger mode of transportation had long been a dream of Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee.

“We have been working for 24 years to get a bigger bus and we are happy to finally be able to get it,” McAtee said.

Along with the increased seating, the MCI J4500 motor coach has a significant amount of additional storage space compared to the other busses in Cowley’s fleet. There is also a restroom as well as six television monitors inside the vehicle for the students to utilize watching DVD’s on some of the longer bus rides.

Tony Crouch, Cowley College vice president of business services, said the motor coach will be a welcome addition to the college.

“This will allow us to take everything we need to take when we have an activity planned and will serve us well for a long time,” Crouch said.