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January 26, 2011

Still time to register for Math and Science Day at Cowley College


Math and Science DayMu Alpha Sigma Chi organization and the Natural Science department at Cowley College in Arkansas City are hosting an exciting event. Members of the Natural Science department and the sponsors are holding a scholastic competition in the math and science areas for all high school students.

Area schools are invited to bring interested students and teachers for the competition to be held on February 9. Registration should be submitted online at by Friday, January 28.

The format of the competition will consist of the construction of scientific apparatus testing the skills of the creators (in teams of two) and a scholastic competition for those knowledgeable in the scientific fields. Students are welcome to compete in either or both of the competitions. Competitions have included the following:

  • Ping pong ball launch - students will design an apparatus to hit a target at a specified distance, powered by a standard sized household mouse trap.
  • Eiffel Tower Competition - students will design a tower using plastic drinking straws that will support the weight of a wooden meter stick in a five minute timeframe.
  • Chemistry competition - students will perform a chemical analysis of selected materials.
  • The Scholastic competition will consist of a preliminary examination in all science and math areas. The top scoring student in each discipline will then compete in a verbal quiz. The verbal format will be a single elimination discipline bee. When the last two competitors are standing, the answer must be determined by one of the competitors to eliminate the other. The categories for this year’s scholastic competition include: algebra; geometry and trigonometry; chemistry; biological science; physics and physical science. The scientific apparatus portion of the event will be specified as the date approaches.

If you or your students are interested in competing for prizes in scientific areas, please consider joining this growing event.