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March 4, 2011

Automotive students overhaul engine of AMC Hornet


automotive studentsIt was a dreary, cloudy day outside, but inside Cowley College’s automotive department it was the brightest day you could ever hope for. After 2-1/2 years, the 1972 AMC Hornet was finally back to life!

When Jim Ailey, automotive instructor, first came to Cowley, the Hornet was in pieces due to the customer working on it himself. After diagnosis, the group determined there were several wrong parts sent to them, including the wrong head, which resulted in internal damage to the motor.

automotive studentsStudents in Ailey’s automotive class completely overhauled the engine after two years of strenuous labor.

“Considering what they had to work with, these students did a great job researching and identifying parts to complete the job correctly, resulting in the motor coming back to life,” Ailey said.

Students working on the vehicle were: Coty Deets, Christina Simon, Kim Martinez, TJ Mora, and not pictured Missy Thompson.