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March 16, 2011

Mulvane Math & Science Club raises money to help with field trip


In a classic Pi Day contest that came down to the wire, the Mulvane Bloomenshine tutors earned the honorpi day of receiving cream pies to their faces on Monday afternoon.

Besides the usual individual contestants, the contest took a twist this year in which the Mulvane student tutors were pitted against the Mulvane student ambassadors. When all the donations were counted, the tutors inched out the ambassadors in total money collected by less than $3.

In all, the Mulvane Math and Science Club collected $163.29, which will help pay for an upcoming field trip to the Hutchinson Cosmosphere and Salt Mines.

Grumblings of “money tampering” were heard, accusing Uwe Conrad, director of tutoring services, of stuffing the tutor’s jar after the donation deadline. Still under investigation, no hard evidence has been found to support these accusations. Regardless, the pieing took place in front of the Mulvane Bloomenshine building at 4 p.m. Multitudes of students were happy to be excused from their 4 o clock class to come out and cheer on the students being pied. Along with the tutoring team of Michael Mavec, Curtis Hall, Josh Mahon and James Allen, the individual collecting the most money was Mulvane Math and Science Club president, Mark Janzen. Other contestants were instructors, Nancy Ayers, Greg Woods, and Uwe Conrad and Mulvane Bloomenshine Coordinator, Cynthia Jones.

Those pictured, from left, Mark Janzen, Math and Science Club president; tutors, James Allen, Josh Mahon, Michael Mavec, and Curtis Hall.