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March 30, 2011

Cowley College holds Severe Weather Awareness Presentation


Brian Stone, Allen Fuller, and Matt StoneDiscussing severe weather tips ranging from tornadoes, electrical storms, and flash floods, Brian Stone, Cowley County’s coordinator for emergency management, provided a Severe Weather Awareness Presentation Tuesday on Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City.

Stone informed those in attendance on how to keep safe during storm season.

“The more a person knows about severe weather the better chance they have to be prepared,” Stone said. “We hope to educate people and help them understand the differences in storms.”

Among the information shared were the differences between a wall cloud and a shelf cloud. A wall cloud is a large, lowering, and rotating base of a cumulonimbus cloud that potentially forms tornadoes. Most strong tornadoes form from wall clouds. While, a shelf cloud is a low, horizontal wedge-shaped arcus cloud that is attached to the base of the thunderstorm. A shelf cloud appears on the leading edge of a storm, and a wall cloud will usually be at the rear of the storm.

A slide show and videos were shown during the one-hour long presentation. Assisting Stone were Allen Fuller and Matt Stone, who serve as volunteers for the Cowley County Emergency Auxiliary.

Stone will present another Severe Weather Awareness Presentation to Cowley College students on a Natural Science Department Scholarship, Monday at 5:30 p.m. inside the Patrick J. McAtee Dining Center.

On Tuesday, April 5, Stone will conduct the presentation at the Arkansas City Public Library’s Multipurpose Room. The presentation will run from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

For more information on how to be prepared for severe weather, visit Those pictured are, from left, Brian Stone, Allen Fuller, and Matt Stone.