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April 15, 2011

Dewey crowned Mr. Cinderfella 2011


Mr. Cinderfella

In a night filled with levity and fun, it was only fitting that this year’s Mr. Cinderfella, Jason Dewey, would dedicate his taking home the coveted title to his former friend and teammate, Dayton Rodrigues, who embodied those qualities during a life that was cut short.

Rodrigues, who graduated from Cowley last May and served as a co-captain of the Tiger men’s soccer team, was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident on May 22, 2010.

While at Cowley, Rodrigues took part in last year’s Mr. Cinderfella event and was the recipient of the Wanna Take Him Home award. A video tribute was played during this year’s Mr. Cinderfella to honor Rodrigues, while Dewey spoke of what a kind, genuine person Rodrigues was.

“I did this for Dayton, this was done in his memory,” Dewey said.

Shaun Koehn, who was the talent winner, finished as the first runner-up, while Octavio Matamoros was the second runner-up and was named the eveningwear winner. Jordan Lukert was the third runner-up, and Aaron Brooks was the fourth runner-up for the second consecutive year.

“Every year this event is very nerve-wracking, but it always amazes me how well everything goes,”  Cowley College Theatre Director Scott MacLaughlin said. “The students do a great job and have a lot of fun with it.”

The money raised from the event goes towards fund-raisers for Cowley College’s Act One Drama Club and funds for next year’s Mr. CinderFella Pageant. B.J. Misialek, who won last year’s Mr. CinderFella title was on hand for the event.

Keeping with the tradition of Miss Kansas serving as emcee, Lauren Werhan led the contestants through the evening. Judges for the event were, Rose Anstine, Joyce McArtor, and Beverly Yeager.

Dewey, who was also the winner of the beachwear category, was glad he took part in the event and enjoyed sharing the experience with the other 12 contestants.

“I have never been a part of anything like this, it was a blast,” Dewey said. “Everyone involved did an awesome job.”

The contestants were: Aaron Brooks, Peter Onelio, Shaun Koehn, Tyler Gilbert, Brandon Gillogly, Jordan Hill, Aaron Kucharik, Octavio Matamoros, Gavin Brown, Clinton Meyer, Brandon Patterson, Jordan Lukert, and Jason Dewey.

Other winners were:

  • Wanna Take Him Home — Gavin Brown
  • Best Eyes — Brandon Gillogly
  • Best Smile — Brandon Patterson
  • Mr. Personality — Aaron Kucharik