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April 21, 2011

CAAT group plants trees at Cowley Recreation Building


C.A.A.T.As part of this month’s theme “It’s Green For A Reason: Earth Awareness”, the Cowley Activity Awareness Team (CAAT) planted a pair of Cherokee Flowering Dogwood trees in front of Cowley College’s Recreation Building on Thursday.

CAAT members Brandon Gillogly, Cameron Moore, and Rosi Simmons were in charge of the tree planting. The CAAT group has also placed recycling bins around campus and have placed earth awareness facts inside the Glow in the Dark Easter eggs that will be hunted tonight outside the Nelson Student Center.

As part of Earth Awareness, CAAT members are also in the process of adopting a stretch of highway north of Arkansas City and will start collecting trash from that section of highway as soon as the group’s sign is put up.

CAAT members Brad Luthe and Amanda Westerman will be in charge of next month’s “Motivation for Safe Summer” activities, which will consist of events planned around the End of Year Bash. Also, from May 4th through May 13th, videos of projects the CAAT group has been a part of throughout the year, as well as safe summer statistics, will be shown on the television monitors in the McAtee Dining Center.