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April 27, 2011


Musical talents on display at spring concert


jazz & cc singersDisplaying the many musical talents at Cowley College, the Cowley College Jazz Combo and Guitar Ensemble joined the Jazz Band and Cowley College Singers for a spring concert Tuesday in the Robert Brown Theatre.

The Jazz  Band performed four songs, while the Cowley College Singers belted out well known songs from the 1960’s and 1970’s as well as modern day tunes that showcase the human voice and the joy of singing together.

The Jazz Combo, which consisted of Dan Byers on alto saxophone, Kelley Reynolds on trumpet, Caleb Johnston on guitar and Chad Buttram on drums, began the evening by performing a pair of songs, while the Guitar Ensemble followed with five songs and were joined by instrumental music director Josh Fleig on bass guitar and Paul Peterson on drums. Other members of the Guitar Ensemble were Phillip Gehring, Zach Johnson, Caleb Johnston, Taryn Miller, and Cameron Nuss, The Cowley College Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, and Cowley College Singers will next perform at the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival in Greeley, CO, April 28-30. Along with performing, the groups will also be attending concerts and workshops as the festival is the largest event of its kind.

Next up for the school’s music department is the Cowley Concert Choir and Concert Band Spring Concert, which will be held Tuesday, May 3 at 7 p.m. in the Robert Brown Theatre. There is no cost to attend the concerts.

Cowley College Singers were: Aaron Brooks, Jessica Coldwell, Alexis Denoncourt, Amy Dunlap, Shaelynn French, Anne Harmon, Robert Hutson, Aaron Kucharik, Whitnie Means, Joshua Scheuermann, Jade sparks, Bryce Sund, Kyle White, and Andrea Workman.

Jazz Band members are: Dan Byers, Cooper Bruhn, Octavio Matamoros, Martin Glenn, Travis Duckett, Kelley Reynolds, Ethan Goodwin, Bonnie Thieme, Jessie Shore, Tiffany Tackett, Asa Muntz, Ryan Cells, Caleb Johnston, Taryn Miller, Clayton Lupfer, Valerie Montieth, and Chad Buttram.