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August 3, 2010


Cowley College purchases Angus steer, donates meat to local food pantry


Showing their support for the rural community and agriculture in the county, Cowley College paid steer$2,573.32 to purchase the champion Angus steer during Monday night’s Cowley County Fair 4-H Market Livestock Auction held at the Winfield Fairgrounds.
Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee represented the college at the Fair. McAtee’s winning bid secured the champion Angus steer, which was presented at the auction by Bailye Butler, who will be a freshman at Dexter High School. Bailye’s sister, Shelbye, whose heifer was awarded a blue ribbon in showmanship and third place in Limousine Class, will be a freshman at Cowley College in the fall. While, their sister, Jolie, a senior at Dexter High School, attended Cowley College’s High School Summer Volleyball League.
Along with her work in 4-H, Bailye has also trained sheep.
"4-H is really fun and it teaches you a lot about going into the livestock business,” Butler said. “I was nervous about the auction and really appreciate that the college bought it (the steer).”
The idea to purchase a steer at the Fair came through discussions in the college’s marketing meetings.
“We wanted to buy a steer from someone in Cowley County and were thrilled to be able to support this young lady with her project as well as be a viable part of the Fair,” Dr. McAtee said.
The school’s marketing team also decided it would be best to donate the 723 pounds of meat to the Winfield Community Food Pantry.
“We wanted to support all of Cowley County in general and by giving the meat to the food pantry we can benefit those in need,” Dr. McAtee said.
Bailye’s parents, David and Carlye Butler, were proud of their daughters’ work in grooming and training her Angus steer to exhibit at the Fair. David’s brother, Steve, is the former director of piano and music theory at Cowley.
Cowley offers students an opportunity to pursue an Associate of Arts in Agribusiness or an Associate of Science Degree in Agriculture.