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August 13, 2010

Cowley�s IMPACT program receives five-year grant


Cowley's IMPACT programHelping up to 160 students a year achieve their educational goals and maximum potential, the Student Support Services Trio Grant, also known as Cowley College’s IMPACT program, was recently re-funded for another five-year grant cycle.

The program has one year left on its grant cycle and will begin the new grant on Sept. 1, 2011.

“This is great news not only for the school and the students, but for the community as well,” director of Student Support Services Trio Grant/IMPACT, Jason O’Toole said. “Our goal is to increase student retention, graduation, and transfer rates for eligible students.”

In order to qualify for the IMPACT program students must meet one of the three following guidelines: be a first generation college student (neither parent graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher), meet income guidelines, or have a documented disability (learning or physical).

All of the services provided in the program are free. Over 1,000 students have come through the program since its inception in 1997. The program began with a budget of $187,200 and now has an operating budget of $305,427.

The IMPACT/TRIO program provides valuable services, such as transfer visits, tutoring, IMPACT courses, career exploration with career previews, cultural trips, and allows students to checkout laptops and graphing calculators.

Along with O’Toole, Dianne Flickinger serves as an English Specialist, Loretta Waldroupe is a Math Specialist, Bev Manuszak is the program coordinator, and Roxanna James is the administrative secretary.

“The staff amazes me, they do great work with the students,” O’Toole said. “They can help the students with whatever they need or answer any questions they may have. Our job is to get as many students as we can to graduate at Cowley and transfer to a four-year university.”

For more information on the Trio Student Support Services/IMPACT program at Cowley College, please contact Jason O’Toole at 620-441-5212 or go to