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September 8, 2010

Percussion ensemble seeks new members from the community


TMUTemporal Mechanics Union, the percussion ensemble resident at Cowley College is seeking new members, and is inviting members of the community to join.

“We are open to all members of the Cowley community at large, students, faculty, staff, and people from off-campus as well,” says Chris Mayer, musical director of the ensemble.

There is no audition required, and no experience is necessary.  The group is open to anyone 15 and older.
TMU is an all-ability group, meaning newcomers perform along with experienced percussionists. “Rhythm is an innate quality of our lives,” says Mayer. “We don’t stop to think about it, but every physical action we do in everyday life is rhythmic.”

Mayer says he is convinced that anyone can be taught how to tap into that “rhythm of life.” Percussion instruments also have the advantage of being easier to start playing than some other instruments, requiring just a stick or hand to strike them to produce a tone.


The ensemble’s repertoire consists of traditional rhythms and drumming styles from places such as West Africa, Cuba, Brazil and other cultures. TMU also performs experimental music, that explores different sounds and sound production techniques. They have recently built a set of microtonal instruments, which uses a scale of 31 notes to the octave.  According to Mayer, they are the only percussion ensemble in the US to use this tuning system on a regular basis.

Temporal Mechanics Union meets every Tuesday at 4:30 to 6 p.m. in the Band Room of Galle-Johnson Hall, on the Cowley College campus in Arkansas City. They present a main stage concert twice a year, in December and May, with additional performances throughout the year in various locations. More information can be found at, or by calling 620-441-5229. TMU also have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.